Rafael Menendez



International Expert in Claims and Expertises with more than 25 years of experience successfully managing Contracts and PPP Projects in Transport Infrastructure in Latin America and the USA. He is a recognized industry expert in Texas and in Central and South American countries. Solid knowledge, skills and experience in the application of tools and techniques to the activities of a project/contracts leading to a successful management and control of the scope, quality, costs of projects/contracts in Pavement and Road Management. He is a teacher and lecturer in several countries and author of the book on Pavement Engineering and the book on Road Maintenance with Microenterprises. Proven ability to understand the type of problems that result in cost overruns and delays.
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Civil Engineer (U. Cusco’93) with a professional license in the USA
Ph.D. (U. Texas A&M’10) in Civil Engineering/Pavement Management
Master’s Degree (U. Texas A&M’97) in Civil Engineering/Geotechnics


Comunidad Latinoamericana de Peritos en Construcción (CLAPEC)


Infrastructure Projects PPPs Transportation
Scope Deviations
Risk analysis
Quantum Costs
Project Management/Contract Administration




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Wilmington, DE 19801

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