Claims Risk Matrix

Is a Risk Matrix available in your Projects contracts? Probably YES, because advancing in a project without a proactive approach to Risk Management (scope, schedule, cost, quality), will generate a greater number of problems, as a consequence of unmanaged threats.

Perfect isn’t? but the Claims Risks are they within the Risk Matrix of the Project Contracts? ……. It is highly probable that the owners do not have a Claims Risk Matrix, nor do they know the process associated with the Claims Risks of their Contracts and consequently their Risk Matrices are incomplete and do not include all the relevant / potential Claims categories: a Claims Risk Matrix solves this important gap.

Adding to the owner’s Contract Risks the Claims Risks, detecting potential Claims Risks arising from the expert review of the Contract and its associated Risk Matrix, results in the Claims Risk Matrix: this new Matrix, maintained monthly for delay and lost productivity, is a powerful Contract Risk Management tool.

Owners (project managers) need a Claims Risk Matrix and its periodic monthly maintenance.

Claims Risk Matrix QDR Model


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