Set of rules to apply areas of knowledge, methodologies, techniques and tools -internationally recognized- to the Claims processes, addressing in advance the identification, quantification, control and management of Claims risks, evolving from a traditional vision of “resolving a Claim” towards an innovative and intelligent vision of “avoiding a Claim”.

A mutually beneficial approach for the parties, since it allows a stable and predictable scenario for the execution of contracts, a game in which both win: a relationship that, from rent transferring, starts to create value for the parties.

  • Before the Invitation to Bid

Evaluate the Definition of the Assignment, the Bidding Bases, the Assignment Criteria and the Bases of Technical-economic Evaluation, to ensure that the bidding antecedents include a vision of avoiding Claims.

  • During the Bidding Process

Evaluate the Clarifications/Questions/Answers, homologate and evaluate the Technical offers, Identify Technical Risks and Evaluate the Coherence of the Economic Offers, to

  • During the Execution of the Contract

Evaluate the probability that the Contract meets its Term and Cost goals and the activities that could cause any potential cost overruns, in order to mitigate them.


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