QDR is an independent and impartial international consulting firm, providing Construction Expert Services with Latin American DNA. QDR combines world-class technical expertise with extensive local experience in the Latin American market and a high level of confidence from our clients.

We are experts in the Detection of Contractual Claims Gaps (Early Analysis of Claims, Claims Risk Matrix); Claims (Quantification of Damages and Scope Deviations, Contract Controversy Management) and preparation of Expert Reports for the International Arbitration of Construction Contracts.

QDR provides world-class services to clients with cases that require strong technical support in the quantification of Costs/Time Damages and/or Scope Deviations, particularly when working with attorneys on cases influenced by Latin American Civil Law competence.

About us

Because we have many years of experience in engineering, construction project management, contract administration, project control, and commissioning, we have the qualifications, ability, knowledge, and credibility to accurately analyze issues/controversies and develop defensible, traceable and persuasive opinions, regarding the responsibility in the deviations.

We pride ourselves on our excellent team of expert consultants -supported by proven, mature models and excellent methodologies-, covering Latin American Civil Law countries, with international training and experience. You value friendly and sustainable relationships with your customers and staff, and you want your customers to be successful—those are the foundations of your core values.

We seek to participate in services that require “trust” management and develop trust relationships, so that our clients recognize us and always keep us in mind: perform high-quality deliverables and thus obtain repeat business.

We value a lasting relationship with our clients: we are committed to maintaining their Trust and Loyalty in the long term. This allows them to benefit from our deep understanding of their businesses and their different needs and challenges regarding Expertise and Claims.

Differentiating Elements:

  • Highly competitive, with regional presence and Latin American DNA.
  • Understands the technical aspects very well, has strong industrial experience and approaches its clients, delivering empathy and high quality technical services and Just In-Time (even in “pathological” deadlines).
  • Knows how to evaluate problems that result in cost overruns, delays and scope deviations.
  • Applies proven and mature methodologies internationally recognized, in the areas of forensic schedules analysis, disruption analysis and loss of productivity/measured mile, leading to the equitable assignment of responsibility for deviations in scope, cost and time.
  • Performs its analyzes and evaluations, acting with the utmost independence and impartiality with respect to the parties, and their technical and legal advisors, following the best practices in the industry. “Our duty is to give the best possible opinion to the Arbitral Tribunal”.
  • Provides expert witness reports that facilitate the work of the Arbitral Tribunal, recognizing areas of agreement and focusing on legitimate differences of opinions with any opposing experts.
  • Maintains the principle that the contract definitions, scope and conditions, should govern over attempts to reinterpret them for convenience.
  • Recognizes that integrating local experience is important for understanding Latin American Civil Law contract disputes, and the doing so results in the better quality of services, often at better rates.


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