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Our Focus is on Avoiding Claims for investment project contracts or operational continuity, and the issue of Claims and Expert Reports for international Construction Arbitrations in the mining, energy, oil/gas, and road infrastructure and services industries in Latin America.

A clear understanding of the contractual, is The Key to a successful delivery of a reliable and objective consultancy in the context of the services offered by QDR: a clear and firm understanding of the practical aspects of the contractual processes placed at the center of the controversy, as well as the external factors that may be relevant for analysis and further evaluation. Once that is established, a thorough understanding of the facts relevant to quantum/deviation analysis is crucial. No less important, of course, is being able to leave those facts in a report, in a clear, concise way, associating its context.

As private consultants, QDR Partners and Directors stand behind the adherence to these principles, thus offering high-quality services to its clients, through direct participation in each stage of the dispute resolution process, from the first review, investigation, analysis and evaluation, until the preparation of the final report.

All QDR Experts and Consultants master the areas of “Sufficient Expert Knowledge”,  so as to evaluate deviations from the Schedule, Costs, Engineering and Construction, applying the technical skills and fundamental knowledge necessary to prepare, analyze and evaluate schedules, delays, budgets, costs, productivity losses.




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