QDR provides contract oversight based on an innovative approach to the management of contract claims that emphasizes the early detection of claims during the execution of the contract, and includes processes to plan, identify, analyze, respond, control and manage Claims risks, evolving from a traditional vision of “Resolving a Claim” towards an intelligent vision of “Preventing a Claim”.

Change is inevitable on complex projects, and plans must be dynamic. Good claims management is also a dynamic process during contract execution, including disputes prevention, mitigation, and timely resolution through contractual processes. QDR recommends the establishment of a Claims Office to provide ongoing oversight and on-call services during the execution of complex projects.

Most of the Claims that arise during the execution processes of the contracts are the manifestation of unresolved disputes. Consequently, to better mitigate / control the occurrence of Claims, it becomes essential to collect information and outline the strategy of how to address and prevent the emergence of these disputes.

QDR applies proven and mature methodologies to quantify and value the costs of the materials that impact the price / term of a Contract. Common services include review and analysis of the baseline plan, identification and management of risks and relevant issues, review and analysis of updates, productivity analysis and change orders negotiation support.

QDR work with the best practices for claims avoidance/minimize controversies during contract execution and provide an efficient path for the negotiation and resolution of cost and schedule variances associated with unforeseen events.

The Claim Office is made up of people not inserted in the daily contingency, where the urgent does not leave room for the daily work of prevention and control: is a systematic process to plan, identify, analyze, respond and control (manage) the disputes of a Contract.

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