QDR’s Partners and Senior Directors are experts in:

  • Schedule Deviations
  • Additional costs/time damages recovery
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Project Management/Contract Administration, and
  • Risk Analysis

Our professional experts have designed and built projects, managed cost controls and project schedules. We have made Claims
analysis that involve controversies for unresolved change orders, delays in schedules, acceleration, time extensions, damages suffered by the Owner as a result of the Contractor’s defective work, actual delay and/or damages resulting from the contractor’s deviation in the achievement of the contractual conclusion date, loss of productivity, unclear specifications, poor project management performance, property damage, delayed start-up, anticipated loss of profits, decreased production capacity due to defective design and disruption damages -> Business Disruptions. 

Experts in Additional Time Damage Recovery (Schedule delays)

QDR’s Schedule Deviation professional experts, have vast knowledge and experience in planning and developing Schedules with the Critical Path Method (CPM) and retrospective delay analysis in engineering and construction projects. Our experts in Scheduling are specialists in Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. Our experience includes preparing, reviewing and analyzing the following types of schedules and arrear analysis:

  • Schedule baseline
  • Critical Path
  • Periodic Updates to the Schedule
  • Resources and Charged Costs to the Schedule
  • Forensic Schedules Analysis:
    • As-planned vs As-built
    • Windows Analysis
    • CPA – Contemporaneous Period Analysis
    • TIA – Time Impact Analysis
    • Impacted As-planned what-if
    • Collapsed As-built or As-Built But-For
  • Time Extension Analysis
  • Acceleration Analysis
  • Quantification and Analysis of Delays
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Concurrent and Pacing Delay Analysis
  • Actual damages calculation

Experts in Damage Recovery

QDR’s additional Cost Damage Recovery experts, have extensive experience in estimating capital costs of engineering and construction projects, and in evaluating and quantifying damages Claims. QDR combines experience and knowledge to provide an integrated approach to Claim analysis: not only do we seek to identify the technical problems that caused the growth of man-hours and costs in the Contractor’s labor cost reports, but we also seek to ensure that the costs presented in the cost reports are traceable in the forecast reports.

Our experience in Damage Cost analysis, includes the preparation, review and analysis of the following types of budget and estimates:

  • Bid Estimates (Lump Sum, Unit Price)
  • Errors Bid analysis
  • Cost variation analysis
  • Change Orders and Claims Evaluations and Prices
  • Labor and Materials Cost Evaluations
  • Labor Productivity Loss Analysis MEASURED MILE
  • Disruptions analysis
  • Cause-effect analysis
  • Additional time costs
  • Central Office Cost Overruns
  • Damages
  • Profit Loss

Engineering, Construction and Commissioning Experts

QDR’s Engineering, Construction and Commissioning Experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of engineering and construction projects and/or contracts, and particulary, in industrial projects and process plants, so they can evaluate contractor performance, engineering deliverables and construction practices regarding safety standards.

During the contract progress, we evaluate the Contractor’s rights in his requests for change orders, to determine if the requested change is a change in scope, or part of the requirements of the original contract. These analyzes, are essential in order to determine the Contractor’s right for delays and disruptions Claims. Our experience in technical analysis of Engineering and Construction, includes the following type of reviews, evaluations and analysis:

  • Change Orders Technical Evaluations
  • Construction Methodologies
  • Contractual requirements ambiguity
  • Identify excuse / exculpatory clauses and risks
  • Performance problems caused by the Contractor
  • Overzealous Inspection
  • Differing Site Conditions

Experts in Projects/Contracts Management

QDR’s Projects/Contracts Management Experts have vast and mature knowledge and experience in the management of engineering and construction projects/contracts. Our experience in Claims, gives us a unique understanding of what can go wrong in a contract, allowing our experts to identify “red flags” before they turn into delays and cost overruns.

QDR recommends solutions to prevent these types of problems and the Claims that arise when delays and cost overruns are not mitigated in a timely manner. Depending on the current and future needs of our clients, QDR’s Project/Contract management experts can assist in the critical aspects of projects/contracts management, cost and schedule control, Claims prevention and dispute resolution, among them:

  • Contract Management and Control Procedures review
  • Contract documents, proposals and bid packages reviews, comments and observations. In order to identify and eliminate errors and omissions, potential inconsistencies, ambiguities and controversies
  • Contract language analysis, to identify clauses and exculpatory risks
  • Technical problems, impacts on the schedule and values ​​of Change Orders analysis
  • As-Planned Schedule preparation and Schedule Updates
  • Schedule Quality Assurance review
  • Review of Cost Estimates and projections
  • Cost and Schedule Risk analysis
  • On-site Control of Costs and Schedule, Progress Reports, Schedule Development and Evaluation of Workforce Productivity
  • Contract Reviews
  • Documents Control and follow-up preparation procedures

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