QDR delivers services to address its clients’ core business risks and resolve disputes.

We set the standard in claims analysis and damages quantification in Latin America.

QDR combines local expertise in project execution with international expertise in claims and damages quantification. We are differentiated by our combination of experts with extensive experience in both Latin American Civil Law and international best practices for the analysis and quantification of construction claims.


Early Claims Gap Analysis

QDR introduces claims prevention processes during the development of the project execution strategy. These services allow our clients to incorporate corrections, clarifications, and dispute resolution processes into the contract documents before they are executed.

Claim Office

QDR provides contract oversight based on an innovative approach to the management of contract claims that emphasizes the early detection of claims and includes processes for the identification, quantification, control, and management of claims risks.

Quantum Damages

QDR has proven international experience in construction claims damages quantification. We apply mature and proven methodologies to produce objective and well-supported conclusions, which we present in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation proceedings.


Weekly Reflections

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It is an independent and impartial consulting firm, of High Confidence of the Owner, that provides expert (personalized) technical support in Claims and Expertise of Damages in Arbitration to construction contracts, for projects and operations, in the mining, energy, oil industry and Latin American infrastructure, leading the knowledge and application of mechanisms for the management of Claims, through the life cycle of the contracts, to offer Claims solutions and Damage Expertise with Risks / Costs as low as reasonably practicable, and which ensures that during the stages of the execution of the Contracts, value is not lost: not doing so puts the results expected by the Client at risk.
It is an agile, innovative multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in Claims and Damage Expertise, working on Investment Project Contracts and Operational Continuity in the stages of (i) Prevention; (ii) Dispute Management; (iii) Conflict Resolution and (iv) Arbitration. Thus, we provide an expert analysis as a result of our synergy, to best meet the needs of our Clients, throughout the life of the Contract.
It prides itself on its excellent team of expert consultants – supported by proven, mature models and excellent methodologies – covering countries of the Civil Law, with international training and experience. He appreciates the cordial and sustainable relationships with his clients and staff, and wishes that his clients be successful: those are the bases of his fundamental values.
It seeks to participate in services that require management “in confidence”; develop trusting relationships so that your Client recognizes us and always keeps us in mind; make high quality deliverables and then get repeat business.

QDR Model for Claims Management

QDR has developed a Claims Risk / Opportunity Management model, which is known, recognized and approved internationally. The standard work plan for Contractual Claims, is to apply the “Contract Execution Process Set Up”, during its life cycle: all the effort made in our services, has the policy to respect and follow the recommendations of the QDR model.


  • Highly competitive: Premises with Latin American presence.
  • Consultant Firm of High Confidence of the Owner, that participates in services that require a management “in confidence”.
  • Capture more value in Claims Prevention, than when they are generated.
  • Understanding of technical aspects.
  • Have blunt industrial experience.
  • Address our Clients, delivering Empathy and Services – Yes and only Yes – of High Technical Quality and JUST IN TIME.
  • Perform an objective and independent analysis, paying rigorous attention to detail, with thorough examinations, delivering high quality work products and as a result,obtaining repeat business.
  • Systemically address the issues, involving expert knowledge areas in Term Damage and Costs; Engineering and Construction; Project Management / Contract Administration; and Risk Analysis.
  • Analyze problems and controversies neatly: we establish cause-effect relationships, and develop defensible and persuasive opinions.
  • Take an “x-ray” of the contract situation and develop a “neutral history, free of bias.”


Among others: we offer Claims solutions and Damage Quantification Expertise, with Risks / Costs as low as reasonably practicable, we accompany you successfully in your Compensation Requests / Claims / Damage Expertise, and because we understand that building a good company relationship, we focus on delivering our promises on time and quality.

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